Friday, December 21, 2012

Giveaways & Gift Cards

W00T! W00T!

I've got a couple cool giveaways going on right now. Cat Grant's Kindlefire/Moonstone Rainbow Moonstone (edited because daughter, the moonstone authority, felt the need to correct me) Tree of Life giveaway of blog tour awesomeness is still open. It lives here. Make sure you get in on that jewel.

Kayla Jameth still has her ebook giveaway for From the Ashes going on. That badboy lives here.

Books and bling and other such things. ;)

Speaking of other such things, I forgot all about my shinies gift cards. In need of a last minute present? You totes need a shinies gift card.

I haz lots of different amounts, or can make others, *shrugs* I'm easy. They live over in my Etsy here. Digital shinies, \o\/o/\o\/o/\o\/o/ (<---digital dance="dance" nbsp="nbsp" oh="oh" p="p" shinies="shinies" yeah.="yeah." yeah="yeah">
Books and bling and other such things. Who doesn't love that. Especially when there are giveaways involved. Giveaway's rock.

That's all for me, for now.

Later taters!!

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