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Promoted by the Billionaire Blog Tour & Giveaway

Hello, and welcome to the final day of our mini-blog tour! We’re celebrating the release of our hot and sexy m/m anthology, Promoted by the Billionaire. Today, we thought we’d share some “first kiss” excerpts to get your blood flowing.

We’re also giving away a $35 Total E-Bound gift card. Leave a comment to be entered into our drawing, and check out our previous stops at Coffee and Porn in the Morning and Joyfully Jay for more chances to enter.

Flowers for Him, by Marie Sexton and Rowan Speedwell

“It’s sensual, isn’t it?”
My pulse raced faster, and I had to clear my throat to ask, “Sensual?” My voice caught on the word. Images flashed through my mind—bare skin and bodies entwined. The feeling of flesh against flesh. The way he held his charcoal pencil.
He took a step towards me.
Then another.
“Art is a lot like sex. It’s intimate and personal. It’s about being laid bare. About pushing boundaries. It’s about making our senses come alive.” Another step, and I backed up and ran into the boardroom table. “Sensual,” he went on, smiling at me in a way that made me feel like he was a cat and I was a mouse. “In fact, painting always turns me on a bit, you know? Leaves me feeling…” One more step, and he was right in front of me, so close I could see the paint specks on his glasses. I could see that his eyes were green, and even I couldn’t deny what they were telling me.
“Feeling how?” My voice was hoarse and husky, and his smile became almost predatory.
“Horny as hell, to be honest.” He took the last step, leaving us chest to chest. “Like you.”
“No—” I tried to say.
But then he kissed me.

Designs for Him, by Noelle Keaton

“I’m still grateful you took the time to invite me to lunch.”

Jon stuck out his hand for Warren to shake, and the moment Warren grasped it, a tingle shot up his arm and he could feel his cock begin to stir. He let go of Jon’s hand, but the two men took a step closer together, as if the mere touch had created a magnetic force between them.

“This isn’t a good idea—” But before Warren could finish, Jon’s mouth was on his with his tongue caressing the edges of his lips, setting them on fire. Before he knew it, he had his arms around Jon’s waist, returning the kisses with equal quickness and fervour. Gripping Jon’s firm body and pulling him closer, Warren couldn’t tell if the throbbing cock was his own or the other man’s. Sliding his hand down between them, Warren cupped the tightness between Jonathan’s legs and gently squeezed, enjoying the moan of pleasure and surrender that followed.

Surrendered to Him, by Sara York
Storm cleared his throat and moved towards the bathroom. He turned around to ask where the towels were but Keoni was right there. For a short second fear filled Storm, then Keoni was touching him, his hand on Storm’s waist, pulling them closer. Their lips met in a fevered kiss. Storm pressed his chest against Keoni’s, loving the height of the man and his muscular bulk. Storm was thin with lean muscles, Keoni was big, his body filled with little dips and valleys from his ripped form.
Keoni pushed him backwards into the bathroom and shut the door. He had Storm pressed against the wall, his hips rocking forward slightly, causing their hardened dicks to rub against each other.
The kiss ended and Storm gasped, breathing fast as he searched Keoni’s eyes. The low light from the window was enough for him to see the passion and lust. Slowly, Keoni moved his fingers to the top of Storm’s pants. With deliberate moves he undid the snap then placed his fingers on the zipper. They stared at each other for a long moment before Keoni lowered the zip, pushing Storm’s pants over his rear.
Enough for Him, by Em Woods
“Practise?” Noah’s eyes were blown wide, the dark pupils nearly swallowing the green. His breath came in gasps as Shannon watched him struggle for composure.
Shannon nodded, giving Noah a small tug closer. He slipped his free hand behind Noah’s head, pulled him down and sealed their lips together. Soft. His mouth was so damn soft. Shannon moaned, eyes closed, nipping at lush skin when Noah didn’t open for him. He needed more. “Kiss me. God, kiss me back.”
A warm puff of air brushed his mouth, the only warning before Noah caved. His lips parted and all Shannon registered was the heated welcome of finally being where he should be. Teeth, tongue and lips meshed just as he’d always known they would. Noah’s body curved around him, muscles tight under his palms as he skimmed them along his sides.
That was Noah.
Fly to Him, by JP Bowie
They clinked glasses and their eyes met over the rims as they sipped their drinks. Once again Kevin was momentarily taken aback by how amazing Logan’s eyes were. Blue, but not just blue. Azure would be a better description—and totally beautiful. He could feel his cock continue to react shamelessly, stiffening even more inside his boxers. He gulped at his drink and choked, then began coughing uncontrollably.

Shit almighty. What the hell next?

He was aware that Logan had jumped off the bar stool and was now standing alongside him. He couldn’t believe it when the man started patting him gently on the back.

God, but this is embarrassing. He’ll never want me working on another flight for him!

“Are you all right?” Logan’s voice sounded so concerned and sincere.

Kevin nodded, unable to speak, gasping for breath, his eyes streaming. He almost choked again when he felt strong arms enfold him and he was pressed up against the solid wall of Logan’s chest, the man rubbing his back in small calming circles. Kevin thought maybe the choking fit had killed him—he’d died and gone to heaven—and Logan Maguire was his guardian angel, sent to comfort him, hold him, and from the feel of something very hard pressing against his thigh, do some other very welcome things to him.

He leaned back a little and gazed into Logan’s eyes.

“You sure you’re okay?” The man’s voice was decidedly husky.

“Uh, huh. Very”

Logan smiled, then lowered his head slightly and took Kevin’s lips with a kiss that had Kevin pushing himself deeper into Logan’s arms and moaning softly as his head spun from the tingling sensations coursing through his body.

“Oh wow,” he murmured when the pressure on his lips eased up a little. “I never saw that coming.”

And the guy hadn’t even whistled.

Vital to Him, by SL Majors

“I’ll take very good care of you, sir,” Robert promised, reaching for Brenton. He dug one hand into the man’s dark hair, imprisoning him.
“I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time.” He softly kissed Brenton’s forehead.
Brenton closed his eyes.
With the pad of his thumb, Robert traced Brenton’s lips, a hint and a promise.
At first, Robert was gentle, his lips the mere ghost of a kiss. As Brenton relaxed, no longer holding his body tense, Robert became more insistent, using his tongue to gain entrance to Brenton’s mouth.
The other man tasted of surrender and liquor, an intoxicating combination. Robert had to restrain his passion, recognising this was new to Brenton. He was generally the aggressor, as Robert had seen. So someone else taking the lead had to be at least somewhat mind-blowing.
Robert looked forwards to the day Brenton would make the first move. Robert didn’t bottom for many people, but he would be glad to have the hot and sexy Brenton Marston up his ass.
It took only a few seconds for Brenton to respond to the kiss. Happily, Robert increased the intensity, demanding more as he pried the other man’s mouth farther apart and drove his tongue in deeper.
Brenton groaned. Emboldened, Robert used his tongue to simulate the sex act, going in, pulling back. He skimmed a hand across Brenton’s chest, finding a nipple and dragging a thumbnail across it.
Brenton arched, but his cry was captured in their kiss.
Oh, yeah. The man liked this. Fucking him was going to be a pleasure.

I hope we managed to raise your blood pressure, at least a little. As you can probably guess, many of those kisses lead right into something way hotter than a mere kiss, but you’ll have to buy the book if you want the good bits!

Promoted by the Billionaire is available now from Total E-Bound.
You can BUY IT HERE.

Promoted by the Billionaire will be available from other retailers (i.e. Amazon and ARe) on April 29th.

You can also check out Nancy Adam’s blog all this week for story excerpts.

Thanks very much to Amara for letting us invade her blog today! 


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