Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shiny! Best Giveaway Ever and a Puppy Too!

Been a while since I've blogged over here. So busy being Freia and making shiny that my poor blogs tend to collect a lot of dust these days. But I just HAD to share a couple goodies. First one is....

Best giveaway ever. Yep yep, best ever. Where? Less than Three Press. Tis their big birthday bash. And oh my what a bash it is. They have a huge celebration going on until April 15th and some fabulous prizes are up for grabs too. A Nook, a serial subscription, books and a custom made pair of earrings. Made by... me. They are a pair of sterling silver, faceted green Aquamarine, Trees of Life with 3 Cherry Quartz 'flowers'. With little sterling silver hearts that hang from the branches. :D It's my alter ego Freia's vision of the Less Than Three Press banner. 

Their authors are participating in the celebration as well and offering up a plethora of goodies throughout the celebration. So much awesome going on! You totally have to check it out. Click the pic to be transported to enter and get all the info. 

The other bit of share-worthy uber awesome...


heehee, oh yeah, I haz one. And he's the cutest little ball of bouncing happy fur in the whole wide world. Meet my new friend... Lil'buddy. 

He's been hanging out at the office with me, please excuse the paper shredder explosion in the pic. The paper shredder and I had a fight. 

Anyhoo, that's new lil'buddy. He's a 6mo old Pomeranian/Chihuahua/dauchund mix. A happy mix of toys. 

Honestly... I'm not a lover of any of those breeds. Or, ya know, any yipping little ankle biter. (esp Chihuahua and weiner dogs)  I'm typically more of a larger dog person. The 'look like you'll eat the bad guy' kind of larger dog. But last week, my adventures with the little lost Chihuahua I found at the park and spending more time with daughter's little pom/chihuahua and the little fellas started winning me over. 

I've been thinking about getting a dog for a while now. I've been missing my Holly grrl terribly lately, but I've not found the right one. Not that I've been looking real hard. I figured when it was time, he would find me. Monday, daughter found this little guy on Craigslist. 

Little fella had a face full of skwee. When I went to go meet him in real life... he was just a little ball of happy exuberance I just couldn't resist. 

He's hard for me to photo, because he never stops moving or has to be uber close to me, (or both) so I don't have many pics yet. Daughter managed snapped these so I could share him. He's a bit older now, the pic the owners posted was... a bit of a ruse. Lil'buddy looks like this...

Himz all growed up and cute as a button. I swear, could he /be/ any cuter?

Actually, yes. Yes he can. Lil'buddy is just personality plus. And such a bundle of happy, you just can't help but smile and yes, even skwee.

Lil'buddy has turned me into a serious skwee-er.

He's such a good boy too. He's house broken, somewhat trained, yips very little and fetches like there's no tomorrow.

He's much bigger than I expected he'd be. Daughter's little Pom/Chihuaua is not much bigger than my hand. My little guy... is a chunk. He's about 3 times the size of daughter's, I think, and must weigh 15 lbs. Or more.

And in less than 24hrs, the little dude owns me lock, stock and barrel.

We'll have some training to do, but he seems to be smart as a whip so I don't think it'll take too much. We'll have a name change too. Right now he is Lil'buddy aka Leo. He knows his name so well, and I even almost like it. Of course Leo is short of Leonidas now. Problem is my shop foreman's name is Leo and him... I'm not real crazy about. I thought I could get past that, but.... no.

So, we are on a name search. We've tried on a few, but none feel right yet. I woke up this morning and realized... I may have already found his true name.

It's Mr. No Licking Happy Good Boi. Last name... McDon't Chase the Cat.

That's going to take an awfully big tag. We may have to keep looking.

heehee. I haz a puppy. And I wuvz him as big as the whole wide world. :D

Happy Mamba iz happy.



  1. Congrats on your puppy! He is a-dor-a-ble!
    Oh, Shinies are lovely!

    1. Thanks hon! That was a fun shinies project. I really enjoyed that one.

      And oh my, isn't he just the cutest?! lol lil'buddy has turn me into a pile of squee.



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