Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Post: Flawless by Cat Grant

Hi Amara! Thanks so much for inviting me to blog!

This past month’s been a hectic and stimulating time. I’m coming into the home stretch on my Navy SEAL book (co-written with LA Witt) and my mixed martial arts fighter story. I’m apartment-hunting (groan!) and I’m taking an online writing workshop with an amazing writing coach, Rebecca T. Dickson. She’s written the best book I’ve ever read on the creative process, The Definitive Guide to Writing on Your Terms.

And one of the best bits of advice in this book? Write your story for one person.

Which is exactly what I did with my novella, Flawless.

I’d been kicking around the notion of writing a story featuring a trans* character for awhile, but I shied away from it for all the usual reasons. I’ve always believed in the old adage, “Write what you know.” But what the hell did I know about being a trans* person? How could a middle-aged lady like me write about this subject with any kind of authenticity?

Here’s where that one person comes in.

A little over a year ago, I met a trans* woman named Tyrrell at my local BDSM munch. Both of us are major league sci-fi geeks, which meant we hit it off pretty quickly. I gave her some of my books to read, and she enjoyed them. She even shared them with some of her friends in the trans* community.

A few months later she came to me and said, “There are no books like this for us. Would you write one?”

I’d never had anyone make a personal request for a story before – and I’ll admit, the prospect made me nervous. What if I flubbed it? But, with Tyrrell serving as my trans* technical advisor, I decided to give it a try.

I knew from the first chapter that this book would polarize people, although I’m used to that. Most of my books have as many one-star reviews as fives. But on this book, my only goal was to make Tyrrell proud. I sent her the finished draft, then sat chewing my nails for the next day and a half.

Then she finally called me. My hands shook as I answered the phone. If she didn’t like it, no way could I ever publish it. But I had nothing to worry about. “You nailed it, babe,” she said, with tears in her voice. “Good job.”

I might get a gazillion more five-star reviews in my career, but this was the first one that really counted.

You can find Flawless here: Amazon, Nook, Kobo, All Romance ebooks or directly from Riptide Publishing.

Steve Campbell used to be a player, until a mid-life crisis opened his eyes to his long-repressed love for Connor, his soon-to-be-married best friend and business partner. Coming out at thirty-eight means learning how to date all over again, and this time, Steve’s not willing to settle for empty one-night stands. He wants the real thing.

Gil Alvarez has never had it easy, struggling through childhood and rejected by his family for a body that didn’t match who he was inside. A skilled driver and mechanic, he’s working hard to make his auto shop a success. The last thing he needs is a rich white guy in a candy-apple-red Ferrari tempting him, but Steve’s ready smile and easygoing manner prove irresistible.

One brief, intimate encounter leaves them both hungry for more. Gil’s not ashamed of who he is, but he’s terrified that Steve will reject him—or worse—when he discovers what Gil can’t find the courage to tell him.

Cat Grant lives by the ocean in beautiful Monterey, California with one persnickety feline and way too many books and DVDs. When she’s not writing, you’ll probably catch her singing along to whatever’s on her iTunes, or fantasizing about kinky sex with Michael Fassbender.


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  1. This was already on my list, anyway, now it's bumping up to the top. Y'know. If we ever recover from the fridge dying & the washing machine dying (& now the AC is having issues, too....) *sigh*



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