Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shiny Giveaway: Emerald Tree Earrings

Hm. Remember the days I actually used to use this blog? Read books and stuff? *sigh* seems so long ago. 

I still don't have much reading time these days. Over the last few months I've not managed to do much of anything actually. New pup commanded a lot of attention and, well, there's a whole slew of other reasons that just aren't worth getting into. They're no fun. Lately though I've been trying to get some mojo back. On the shinies front anyway. I've managed to finish up several new trees, and actually photograph some shinies that have been laying around all year. I've actually managed a whole new forest :D

Go me!

I'm pretty excited about it actually. Vera excited even. Excited enough that I'm having a giveaway with one of the new pair of earrings over on my Freia blog

It's for a new style of trees. A pair of Antique Copper and Emerald Tree of Life earrings with my new hand twisted wire/braided looking frames. I'm kinda diggin' the whole twisted wire thing. Does cool things when you smash it.


Smashing is fun!

Anyhoo, want a pair of earrings? You know you do! Head on over. Click the pic, it'll transport you. Giveaway is open world wide, at least to countries that allow shiny shipments.

Come play with me! :D :D

That's all for me, for now. Later taters!!

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