Thursday, July 11, 2013

The migraine and the pup

Ever had a pain in your brain so bad that you can't see? or hear? One so bad that all you can do is... throw up?

Ever tried to throw up while your brain was trying to explode out your ear? 

It fucking sucks. And not just a little.

That was me yesterday. Migraine city. Uber sucktastic that. 

At least I /think/ they're migraines. They come these days because I'm structurally unsound. My back and neck are total whack. Some days I wake up and it feels like my head is screwed on wrong. Some days I'm lucky enough that it just hurts. Some days, like yesterday, it leaves me in a crying heap of can't function. 

Hate those days.

Yesterday, as I laid there wanting to lop my own head off, I had the sweetest little care giver. Mah lil' pup Renji. Bless his little heart, he sat with me all day long. Never once left my side. Not that I was aware of anyway. He must have a few times I guess as I'd wake up and find he had brought all his favorite toys and laid them next to me in the bed. 

A few times, I'd wake up and find him just laying there, head on my pillow. I'd try to give him a "hi bub, whatch'ya doin'" and a smile and he'd just give me a little lick on the cheek and wait to see what if I'd get up yet. When I wouldn't, he'd just snuggle in again.

9 hours, and lil'bub never once left me alone.

Could he be any sweeter?

I don't see how.

Best pup ever. That's mah Renji.


  1. Yeah, he sounds like a mighty fine boy. They're such sweeties, aren't they?



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