Thursday, December 5, 2013

Guest Post: Ina Zaneva and 'Iscariot'

My friend Ina is visiting today to talk about a vera cool project she's working on called 'Iscariot'. She's also brought more coolness with a details on how to get a special M/M story set in the world of  'Iscariot'. Check it out. :D

Welcome Ina!


Hi, I’m Ina some of you may have seen me around Goodreads and Twitter. For those of you I have never met: nice to meet you. I’m here to present a film project I’m currently working on and if you have the patience to push through to the end of this not very long post you may even be seduced by a cool unique prize. I’m not going to talk about books, but rather about movies so here we go:
     Making a movie is nasty business. All through it is a frustrating endeavor which is driven on only by the love of the people involved in making it. Getting your film funded is such a pain in the ass that I sometimes tell myself it would be easier to try and put out a wildfire with a soggy napkin.
     Production companies don’t trust young filmmakers who don’t have a lot of projects under their belts. In England they also don’t trust internationals swooping in and trying to take funds away from British film students.  Basically you’re a persona non grata if you (at the very least) haven’t attended one of the academies here. I guess you can see how frustrating it can become when you have dreams and you can’t see a clear path to them. No matter how starry-eyed you may be, how passionate about your work, or how clearly you’ve formed your vision for the project, you are screwed.
     So what is this film I’m talking about?
     ‘Iscariot’ is a short sci-fi film. It is part drama and part psychological thriller, and we are raising the funds needed to film it in January 2014. The film tells the story of James Bennett, a captain in the Allied Earth Second Fleet. He is tasked with the protection of a secret research colony on a remote rim world. Things go south for James and his crew and he finds himself in an interrogation room accused of treason. Worse, James has no memories of the last couple of days and the agents interrogating him seem a bit odd.  It’s a really dramatic story filled with twists and unexpected events. Our incredible writer, Andy, created a very detailed world and has my admiration for being able to construct such a complex story (from James’ backstory to the overall amount of world-building that he has done).
     Since this is an independent project (we don’t have some fancy studio backing us up) we have undertaken the hard task of collecting funds. In order to reach the micro budget we need, we decided to use Indiegogo for crowd-funding. What is cool about crowd-funding is that all you need is a bunch of people willing to give as much as they can (seriously the contributions we had so far have varied from £1 to £200).

     Please check out our campaign page. If you like Iscariot, if you like sci-fi stories with interesting twists and space drama, please support us.  If you can’t contribute financially to the campaign please pass it on to someone who you think might be able to. Here is the link for the project you can pick one of the perks, or just contribute a random amount.
     If you guys contribute we even have a special gift we would like to give you. If you contribute any amount of money (even if it is just 2 or 3 pounds) to the campaign we will send you a special m/m short story set in the ‘Iscariot’ universe penned by our writer, Andy. This will be a special prize just for readers of this blog. All you have to do is contribute and leave us a note saying you found out about the campaign through the blog. And if you choose a perk you’ll get the story in addition to the stuff from the perk. Andy is a really creative guy, he’s always writing down new ideas or things people tell him. He’s the kind of guy who takes an off-hand comment someone makes and turns it into a beautiful story about life, death, love, honor – all the good stuff – so I think you won’t be left disappointed.
     This project means a lot to us all as individuals and as a team. Please help make Iscariot a reality.

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