Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 2: Saturday breakfast with the pup #Mambaz100happydays

Day 2 happy came in the form of what's become my Sunday morning routine, only it's a day early this week. Yay. :)

It's just a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar (or rather a wannabe omelette I scrambled up at the end when I couldn't flip it lol) and the uber nom... a big ol' pile of apple wood smoked thick cut bacon. 


I woke up this morning and remembered I actually made it to the store on my way home yesterday and fixins were waiting for me in the fridge. So much better than shopping at 7am on Saturday morning to beat the crowd. 

So I fixed up my noms, gave Renji his now weekly treat of bacon drippings and chowed down. I am so full right now! For a grrl who doesn't eat much, sitting down with breakfast is huge. And my oh my that bacon was tasty. 

Both Renji and I have a big ol' tummy filled happy right now. Saturday morning ftw!



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