Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 20: big box o'shiny #Mambaz100happydays

Today, my happy came in the form of shiny supplies of ... total win.

It's not a very good pic but...

...that there is 2 shipments that got here days before I thought they would, and the contents were better than I dared to hope for. 

Sterling bails that are gorgeous and just the right size (finally) for my new trees and medallions, sterling wire for brooches and cab trees, bronze and copper for several projects I've been putting off, beautiful pink tourmaline chips and ruby and sapphire chips that are extremely hard to find and came in so much better than I expected them to be. 

That's a box full of win right there!

Happy shiny grrl iz happy.

*happy dances off with my loot*


  1. You're a fifth of the way through, sis! \o\/o/\o\/o/\o\

    1. Oh heeeey! I am, aren't I?! W00t! Look at me go! :D




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