Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 21: the strut #Mambaz100happydays

Today I had a hard time finding a happy. Not that it was a bad day necessarily, just rather... meh. 

Then I got home. And checked my FB. Then it happened.

One of my very dear FB friends linked me an old BeeGees video. That's all it took. It.Was.ON! 

The BeeGees quickly led to Andy Gibb, and back again. During all of this, I finally figured out how to hook my laptop up to the big stereo and before I knew it, I had the BeeGees blaring. And you can't possibly boogie to the BeeGees without remembering... the strut. 

The hottest strut in the history of struts... 

*fans self* And for your viewing pleasure, the strut vid, cuz you just have to...


And of course, then you have to see the BeeGees vid, cuz... Barry is farkin' beautiful ... 

*swoons* I wanna do things to that man. Both of them. Barry AND John. 

Um, yeah, 'k. Anyway, I was barely 7 when I saw that movie, I really wonder what a 7 yr old was doing watching it and swooning over Tony Manero. But whatever. Brings back all kinds of happy. And makes me dance all around my living room. 

I better go hear it again. And maybe even get some Jive Talkin' goin on. 

Disco fever baby. :D

Good shit. Even if I was only 7. 

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