Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 3: A gift of a tiny shiny #Mambaz100happydays

So, the other day when I went to get an espresso at my new little coffee hut I overheard the owner talking about how she got yoked by a guy promising her a shiny for coffee trade. She was so bummed. She's a new business and can't afford to buy the shiny the guy came showing her, so she worked out some kind of $30 trade deal. She said she was stoked because the guy was up to about $27.00 and it was time to get her pretty new necklace. However, when the guy showed up, he didn't have the same kind of "stone" jewelry. He'd brought her a selection of plastic beads on some kind "funny" wire. She was so bummed.

Isn't that just always the way? Dingdangit. She's the nicest lady too. I felt so bad for her.

"I make jewelry" I told her. Her face lit up with a big smile. "I love jewelry!" she said. "I can't afford any tho, being as I'm just starting out and all. That's why I was so excited he was going to let me trade, even tho I can't really afford to do that either *sad face*"

"That really sucks that he did that... " I said.

"Yeah. When he came the first time he showed me several things made of real stones, like... Rose... something. *sigh* Much better things. But now he says his wife is still waiting on her supplies so there's no more for now. *sadface* Oh well."

We chatted a few minutes more, I got my coffee and left.

This morning I wanted an espresso. I remembered what had happened and thought... Hmmm. Rose something. I just so happen to have a Rose something. Yes, yes I do. :D I want her to have it :D

So I dug it out, put it in my pocket and headed out.

She loved it!! She loved it so much, when I gave it to her she actually squee'd. Hugged it to her chest and squee'd. It was so awesome.

That's my happy. Gifting a tiny shiny to the coffee lady and watching her face light up and seeing how happy she was.

Best thing evah.


  1. You're such a kind soul. :) *smooches pietersite pendant*

  2. That is the best happy ever. Seriously. Even though I'll probably say that every day for the next three months. Don't care. Best ever.

    1. I love gifting shinies. Makes me all kinds of happy inside. :)



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