Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 36: Happy shiny buyers #mambaz100happydays

I was gone road trippin' with daughter today. I forgot to take a happy pic during our day. Turns out... I do that a lot. 

But that's ok. Becasue when I got home after our 12 hr day, I opened my FB and Twitter to find my last 2 custom orders I'd shipped out this week finally arrived to their new homes. And both were thrilled! The Mother's Tree brooch was delivered just in time for Mother's Day (YAY!!) and she was soooooooo happy at what her daughter had me make for her. YAAAAAAY!!

 The other was a big Ammolite cab tree. And she was so pleased she'd even posted this pic, (that I totally stole hoping she won't mind)... 

... and there was a convo thread about how pleased she was.

That just makes me so darn happy. Seriously. Custom orders are quite a challenge for me and I still get so nervous about how they will be received. Knowing they arrived safely and hearing how much people love them... 

Big hugeamous happy. Huge-a-mus!

The end.

*happy dances off*

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